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Hand, Wrist & Elbow Pain Specialists in San Antonio

The hand, wrist, and elbow are among the most used parts of the body, because of this—and the intricacy of their anatomy—they are highly susceptible to injury and painful conditions. For those who are experiencing hand, wrist, or elbow pain it can have a significant impact on daily activities.

Common Causes of Hand, Wrist
& Elbow Pain

Texas Ortho Center diagnoses and treats and variety of conditions that affect the hand, wrist, and elbow including traumatic injuries, mechanical problems, types of arthritis, and other problems.

Here are some of the most common conditions that cause hand, wrist
and elbow pain.
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Fractures in the hand, wrist, or elbow are often the result of a high-impact trauma or an underlying condition such as osteoarthritis. Some of the most common types of fractures include boxer’s fracture, Colles fracture, distal radial fracture, elbow fracture, finger fracture, scaphoid fracture, and pediatric upper extremity fractures. Symptoms of a fracture include severe pain, swelling, bruising, limited mobility, and deformity.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition caused by pressure being put on the median nerve that runs from your forearm to your hand. Typically, carpal tunnel syndrome develops as the result of wrist fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, underlying health problems, or repetitive movements. Common symptoms include pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand and wrist.

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Tendons are tissues that connect your muscles to your bones and can often become damaged from overuse or repetitive motions. While tendonitis can occur as the result of a variety of causes depending on the affected area, symptoms generally include swelling, pain, stiffness, weakness, and limited mobility.

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Trigger Finger

Trigger finger, also known as stenosing tenosynovitis, occurs when your finger gets stuck in a bent position and snaps straight—similar to a trigger being pulled a released. This condition is caused by an inflammation of the tendon in the affected finger and is often caused by underlying medical conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. Symptoms are typically worse in the morning and include stiffness, popping or clicking, and tenderness.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Texas Ortho Center diagnoses and treats and variety of conditions that affect the hand, wrist and elbow. Check out our most commonly most seen and treated condition for hand, wrist and elbow pain.

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Carpal Tunnel

A variety of factors often contribute to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome including wrist fracture, rheumatoid arthritis, underlying health problems, and repetitive movements.

Is it Time to Seek Medical Treatment for Your Hand, Wrist & Elbow Pain?

Many types of minor hand, wrist, and elbow pain respond to conservative treatment options such as rest, ice, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, or steroid injections. However, for severe or complex injuries surgery may be required.

If you are experiencing the following, it may be time to seek professional medical treatment for your pain.

  • Severe pain that is associated with an injury
  • Visible deformity in your hand, wrist, or elbow
  • Not able to perform normal daily activities
  • Loss of mobility of your hand, wrist, or elbow
  • Redness, pain, and swelling
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